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Voyaging for Peace: If Not Now, When?

Inner Wanderings ~ Janet Dwinells ~ June 1, 2022

“They were the best of times. They were the worst of times.” This could certainly describe our present-day lives just as it did back in the days when it was first penned. It may feel, to many of us, as though the darkness is beginning to win once again. After coming so far in opening consciousness to diversity, love, and acceptance of all, it is unthinkable to watch our lives being hurled backwards into a world where racism, homophobia, and materialism take center stage.

There is a core of anger within me that screams “No! I’ve got to do something to stop this. I have got to fight for humanity.” But as a spiritual seeker and lover of light, I ask myself, “how might I stand up to this darkness in a way that honors my true nature?” The answer, I am sure, is not to fly into rage, or attack those who are caught in the darkness. The answer is to stand up and own my own powers so I can help others to find the light within themselves.

For all of us who have long sought a peaceful resolution it is time to make the conscious inner journey to become “Peaceful Voyagers.” It is no longer enough just to believe in a spiritual reality. We need to become Light Bearers to show the way. We need to care enough about this world we live in to discover the truth of who we are, face our fears, take up our staff of light, and lead the world into a new level of consciousness. Our world is clamoring for leaders to shine the light in the current darkness. It is time for us to honor the voice within that we hear calling in the quiet of our soul, and to stand up for humanity through these frightening times.

The Voyage

Are you looking for a way to understand this ever-changing world we are living in? Do you know deep within that there is some meaning to your life, but you just haven’t discovered it yet? If you have found your way to this blog, it is likely that you are meant to uncover the truth of your being, and to explore the possibility that your life has a more profound plan than you have ever known.

From a spiritual perspective, each of us has chosen to come to earth to express the energy of our soul, our divine light and our “daimon” or reason for being. Before we incarnate, our soul chooses certain lessons and forges contracts with others who help us to fulfill karmic responsibilities and co-create our lives with Spirit.

Even though no one path is like another, we all undoubtedly encounter confusing twists and backward turns, endless mazes and frantic winds, nourishing rivers and glorious sunshine, revitalizing star-fields and raging bonfires, along with impish fairies and ugly trolls. Clearly, our paths are not always easy, but from a spiritual perspective we understand that this is the journey we chose to experience, to grow our soul and share our light, which is ultimately our reason for being. For in the end, this adventure we call life is both our challenge and our gift.

As we move through life, we are initiated by experiences in the external world, experiences over which we have no control. Unconsciously we develop ways of dealing with life in the form of attitudes, beliefs, and habitual ways of speaking and behaving. In many ways, our lives along with our thinking become rote, and we don’t consciously understand why we do the things we do. We have learned to perceive the world through lenses clouded with memories of the past and have trouble envisioning a future any different from what we now know.

At some point in life (and often mid-life is the catalyst) many of us begin to question life’s meaning. We may begin to ask, “For what purpose was I born?” The “big” existential questions for us all become, “What can I make of this adventure called life? How do I find peace amidst all of this seeming chaos?

One path that offers us meaning along with the gifts of love and compassion is that of the peaceful voyager. Come discover the peaceful voyager in you within a like-minded and like-hearted community. I invite you to join me for the adventure awaiting you.

In peace and love,



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