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Guided Imagery

Use the power of your own imagination to heal your body, mind, & spirit
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What is Guided Imagery?
Guided imagery is the process of listening to someone's voice, and allowing your attention to consciously direct the imagination to see, feel, hear, taste, and experience the imagery presented.
It involves a relaxation process where your breathing pattern is usually slowed, your body is relaxed, and the conscious mind slips to the side (although it is always available).
You are always in control of your experience but the more you learn to trust in the imagery the more progress you will make. 
Personalized Recordings

If you know of someone who could use a private consultation, please send them my way. After an initial interview I am happy to create individualized recordings to meet their specific needs. 
Generic recordings and Apps are great tools to practice with and I recommend them highly. However, if you want a more personalized recording, tailored to your preferred learning style and your specific issues give me a call. 
Scientific studies have shown Guided Imagery 

  • Reduces side effects of cancer treatment

  • Relieves a patients's fear and anxiety prior to surgery, their need for pain medication afterward and their ability to leave the hospital sooner than those patients who did not use Guided Imagery

  • Alleviates stress and headaches, including migraine headaches.  

  • Induces sleep and overcome insomnia

  • Lessens the impact of PTSD on one's daily life...

  • Creates a multitude of physical, mental  and emotional benefits. 

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