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You have more resources inside you than you can imagine!

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The benefit of using self-hypnosis is that we bypass the conscious mind, allowing access to the deeper part of ourselves, the subconscious mind which is a storehouse for memories, emotions and habits. It is where our inner personalities and shadow-self exists. It is also our connection with spirit and our “higher self” through the “collective unconscious.”

Transforming inner energy blockages and beliefs that no longer serve you can be fun as well as healing. Get to know the voices in your head, your inner personalities and decide who get's to stay and who has to leave. Take charge of your life!

Physically, self-hypnosis is a useful treatment for a wide variety of issues including weight control, pain management, smoking cessation, and migraines. Its benefits range from eliminating warts to acting as anesthesia in minor procedures and childbirth.

Psychologically, self-hypnosis is used to change habits, reduce anxiety and transform fear and phobias. Many have found hypnosis helpful in improving memory, focus, sports skills, job performance, and public speaking skills. Relaxation and stress management techniques can be learned through daily practice.

Spiritually, self hypnosis can be used to create energy flow through the chakras, connect with guides, explore repressed memories and discover past lives. Contracts from those past lives can actually be re-written, changing forever relationships in the present.

Alchemical Tools for Transformation

Energy Clearing  
​Our body/mind stores energy blockages from events throughout our life. Disease is often the result as the body holds trauma and pain. Clear energy blocks through table work, crystal therapy, guided imagery and hypnotherapeutic techniques.


Regression and Past Life Therapy  

By safely going back in time to events you may not consciously be aware of, we can change the energetic hold they have on you.

Inner Child Work  

Much of our lives are lived unconsciously through the eyes of our inner child. If our child has been wounded we may not recognize how much this is holding us back. Healing your inner child is often the first step on the path to healing your life.

Archetypal Personality Therapy   

In addition to our inner child, we all have created inner personalities over the course of our lives. We may have a strong rebel who is playing havoc with our choices, or a saboteur who prevents us from living our dreams. We are also impacted by universal archetypes such as the Gods and Goddesses. Getting to know these archetypes and eliciting their positive aspects can change our lives forever.

Dreamwork and Active Imagination   

It is through our dreams that our subconscious speaks to us. We can find healing as we befriend them and discover their motives and teachings. Active imagination is a technique in which we converse with the characters in our dreams to learn more about why they are appearing in our dreams and what they have to teach us.

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