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Love is not love which alters when alteration finds

Love is not love which alters when alteration finds



Our circles are held each Tuesday on Zoom.  

12-1:30 PM. Eastern Time. We will meet each week at the same time. 

Each meeting will include a:

  • Welcome ~ Centering Guided Imagery

  • Experience of the week

  • Share your thoughts, feelings, challenges and wins!

  • Dancing Lesson for Your Soul (A practice to enjoy between sessions)

Contact me for Zoom Link

Our Stories

Week 1  ~ Grounding Ourselves in Our New Reality. Learn experiential techniques to keep you centered and focused as life swirls around you. 


Week 2 ~ Journaling & Creativity as practice. Discover new outlets of expression.

Week 3 ~ Enter the Stillness. Enjoy guided meditations to relax and renew body, mind and spirit.

Week 4 ~ Kindness Matters. How can we support one Another? 

Week 5 Shifting Perceptions. How do our beliefs control our reality?

Week 6 ~ Living In Gratitude. What is bringing you delight in this moment?

Week 7 ~ Ignite your Imagination for health and healing!

Week 8 ~ Let's Talk to our Fears to get to know what gifts they bring

From here we will see where the group wants to go from here. It's our creation. 

How to Connect

This site comes to you freely as an offering. If you have received benefits and would like to contribute to its continuation please donate what you can. Every little bit helps. And please tell your friends who could use a welcoming, loving community!
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