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Peace Amidst the Pain - It's Possible

Inner Wanderings ~ Janet Dwinells ~ January 1 2020

What can we do to create a more peaceful planet even in the face of the chaos of this world? The answer lies within your imagination...

So this morning I awaken to the news that we’ve bombed Iraq, killed an Iranian leader and it’s likely a new war could be beginning. I look around at the Australian wildfires which are killing hundreds of thousands of animals, devastating Australia. I also received news that my friend, from a recent meditation retreat, is in critical condition from a gunshot wound to her head, the trigger pulled by her son, on New Year’s Eve.

It’s hard to know what to make of all of this chaos in the world. What do I do with this pain? What do we all do with the pain we see and feel all around us? It feels increasingly difficult to deal with it all. And how, how is it possible to take in this news and not become furious, angry, negative, and depressed?

As I reflect on my “2020 commitment” to share messages of peace and love in the world it becomes harder and harder, especially when we look at the dire predictions for our planet and the future of our presidency which is such a cruel joke. And so I do the only thing I can in this moment.

I sit, and I sob, and I release the feelings around the news of my friend and I send her prayers of love and healing energies through the ethers because right now, that’s all I can do. And the deeper I ponder, the more I realize that the only place I can find peace is within myself. So I attempt to create that vision. I use my imagination to envision a lush green, verdant, planet, with animals frolicking and blissful beings loving one another. I envision people gathering together in communities where we all help each other. I breathe in love from the Universe and breathe it out through my heart, seeing it envelop the Earth. And somehow I feel a bit better.

Later, when I look through my facebook feed I find that Amma is doing the same thing, chanting a prayer of peace 120 times. And inviting us all to chant with her and see snowflakes raining down on the earth bringing peace and tranquility with them. Will this vision work? Will our prayers of peace be heard? I think it’s a good start right now.

So I encourage you, if you can muster the willingness, to sit in the pain, and cry if you need to and scream if you need to, to feel those feelings, and release them. And then envision a new world, a renewed planet where people love and care for one other. That’s what we need right now. We need to counteract the violence. The pain is there. We need to send out love, unconditional love from the core of our hearts. We need to do the same to the planet, surround it with beautiful white light, light of peace and healing.

I share this with you today as a measure, that we can all do something. That we have to do something to make this place we live in a more peaceful, loving space. It might be all we can do. It might be all there is, right now in this very moment. But at least we’d be doing something and at least that little something will make us feel better, that somehow, in our own little way, we’re contributing to a more peaceful planet.

In Light and Love,



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