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Healing Through Imagination: Using Guided Imagery to Fine Tune Your Body

Inner Wanderings ~ Janet Dwinells ~ April 1 2019

Healing Through Imagination

Here’s a quick and easy experience I hope you’ll try out for fun. Just allow your imagination to flow with this imagery…


Enjoy this Experience

Imagine yourself out in a flower filled field where the gentle breeze wafts across your body. Notice the brilliant sun shining on a group of lemon trees in front of you. Reach up toward one of those lemons pick the brightest, yellow lemon you can find from that tree. Holding the lemon in your hand, feel the rough bumps on the rind and with your other hand break open the lemon letting the delicious juices squirt everywhere. Smell the potent citrus aroma wafting through the air. Bring the lemon up to your nose and take a big whiff. Open your mouth and squeeze lemon drops onto your tongue and taste the amazing sour flavor of this lemon. Notice your mouth responding to the lemon.

For most of you, you will notice that you mouth has begun salivating. You haven’t eaten a thing but your salivary glands activated themselves just by thinking about eating a lemon. Using your imagination you have tricked your body into thinking you’re eating a lemon so your salivary glands start working.

How does this work?

Your body doesn’t know the difference between the image of the lemon and the real thing. So by engaging the mind through imagery you are able to activate the body into thinking it’s the real thing.

In fact, in recent brain studies scientific research tells us, “The same brain centers light up whether you are imagining something or it it’s really happening.” The same goes with muscle fibers. When you imagine you are swinging a golf club, the same muscle fibers react as if you were really swinging that golf club. This is why imagery is used so often in sports. Olympic and Pro athletes rehearse their perfect routine in their minds immediately before their performance.

The reality is that imagery can be used by anyone, in any moment, and so is a wonderful tool to have in your healing toolbox. You can easily learn to give yourself gentle suggestions which have powerful effects on your mind and body. With practice, whatever situation you find yourself in, a dentist’s chair, giving a speech, or taking a test, you will have the power to relax yourself so you can focus and concentrate more fully. It’s an amazing gift we can give to ourselves.

What is Guided Imagery?

Guided Imagery is a specific communication technique designed to impact your subconscious mind. It elicits a form of daydreaming which activates your senses (sight, sound, feeling, taste and smell) which in turn triggers changes in your body’s physiology.

Reasons for Invoking Imagination

Your thoughts change your biochemistry. It’s true! Your mind influences your body’s responses. You just saw that happen in the example above so you know, on some level, that it’s true, even if your doubting analytical mind isn’t sure.

Detailed imagery moves your consciousness into the right side of your brain where your creative subconscious comes through and away from your judging, analytical left side of the brain. Your subconscious speaks to you in symbols (like dreams) and through feelings which are often the best way to explore the deeper parts of yourself. We can use imagery to help our bodies heal. Many studies have shown imagery can change your relationship to pain, reduce the size of tumors and lessen the symptoms of chemotherapy like nausea and fatigue. We can increase immune system functioning, reduce blood pressure, and even lower blood sugar levels. Guided Imagery can reduce anxiety and stress levels, help you sleep more soundly, increase performance and lead to improved overall health and well-being.

Important Notes

· Your skill at using imagery increases with practice.

· Imagery has been shown to work better in groups.

· Allowing all of your senses to come into play is important.

· You can use the energy of your body to assist healing, for example, putting your hands over the affected area can help.

· Allow yourself to become “emotional” if feelings come up. Let yourself flow with what is happening instead of fighting it. This is actually really good for you.

· Allow the process to unfold, the visions to come, and the feelings to process. Save the analysis for after the session.

I hope this has given you a quick overview of the possibilities your imagination holds for you. It’s beyond me why more people don’t embrace this form of healing. It does require us to take responsibility for ourselves and our lives so I’m hoping you have been inspired to do just that. It’s my wish that you live your one precious life with love and a sincere commitment to your health and well-being.

In Possibility



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