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What We Fill our Consciousness with Matters

Inner Wanderings ~ Janet Dwinells ~ July 1 2020

How are your choices impacting your daily health and well-being? This morning it dawned on me that my choice to listen to the news of the world with breakfast was stomping all over my ability to be at peace throughout my day.

Instead of feeling connected with my divine nature, my appreciation and gratitude toward life, it only served to fill my consciousness with negativity, invoking in me anger, judgment, and frustration, exactly the opposite of my intention to be a kind-hearted, loving individual as I walk through my daily life.

So I asked myself, “Is this really how I want to begin my day?” “NO way!” the voice cried out loud and clear. You need to change this habit and change it now!”

This line of questioning brought me back to many years ago when I went on a serious news fast. I remember who I was then, noticing how much more connected I was to my heart, to a spiritual reality, and how much easier it was to view the world in a positive light. But I also have a desire to know what is happening in this crazy world we are currently living in which changes in a heartbeat.

So I made a pact with my Self that I scan the headlines each evening, just enough that I could be aware of the important happenings yet not immerse my consciousness in the darkness that is pressing in on us daily. It’s a test and I’ll see how it turns out. I’ve decided to give my “ego” the job of helping me stick to my newfound choice. It needs a job to feel accepted and this is perfect for it. This way, my soul and spirit can enjoy the morning light in peace. This seemingly simple choice can make all the difference for how I perceive my world as I move throughout my day.

I ask you, “How would it feel to begin your day by reading a peaceful passage of hope, light, of love? What choices have you made today that empower you? What choices have you made today this disempower you?”

It’s a good practice to look at our choices every so often, noticing where they have become unconscious habits and where we might create a new habit instead. If we can practice this with the art of non-judgment, just simple recognition, we can begin to make changes that empower us and recreate an entirely new and improved world.

I wish for you a day filled with everything you love and peace in your heart.

~ Janet


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