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Are you looking for a safe, sacred space of friendship and love?
If so you are INVITED 
to join our new 
"Love Weavers Online Sacred Circles"
each Tuesday 6-7 pm Eastern on Zoom starting September 24, 2024!


Together we will explore the nature of love in an online community using guided meditations, journaling, breakout groups and open discussions. 

If you are looking to make friends who also want to help create a more caring society you have come to the right space! 

Each Gathering We'll Enjoy

  • Opening welcome to our circle with music

  • Guided meditation to activate our hearts

  • Breakout Sessions to share what's in your heart

  • Open Discussion Forum on a certain topic

  • Closing with a poem or blessing

Circle Dynamics


Gathering together to practice being love and weaving love into our world by learning to love ourselves, love others and love what is. 

How Do We Do That?

  • We Explore the Energy of Love in our lives

  • We Uncover what Blocks our loving response

  • We Share from our Heart in the moment

  • We Accept ourselves, others, and what is

  • We Practice “Being Love” in our lives

  • We Share in Community with others

“Circle Agreements” 

  • Be fully present, giving your attention to whomever is speaking

  • Limit outside noises, and distractions by creating a sacred private space for the hour

  • Speak from your heart about whatever is coming up for you in this moment

  • Respect each other, and even if we disagree, acknowledge that everyone has a right to their opinion

  • This is a sacred community and confidentiality is required

So my question to you is... Will You Join Us and become a Love Weaver?
The world needs you now more than ever! 
Love Weavers Circles are lovingly offered so together we can build a co-creative community of love, light and peace.

Instead of charging directly for this circle I'm asking for donations to support the sharing we do. 

If you can offer assistance it is much appreciated,
if not, no worries. You are a blessing.

In Deep Gratitude, 
1 Janet Headshot pink beach.png
Your Host
Janet Dwinells

Please know that you are more than welcome.

I truly believe the way out of this darkness is to come together and shine our lights brighter than ever. 

I invite you to take this journey with me - for we all need community. It is said you teach what you love and it's my mission to create more love in my own life and to raise the vibration of our planet. The truth is, we need each other. So let's come together, and make this world a better place for all.

If you are interested in joining please sign up here and I'll send you the zoom link. The only requirement is that you abide by our "Circle Agreements." Welcome!

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