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Who is your soul calling for you to "be" in the world?
Vision Keeper's Mission is to uplift humanity by raising the vibration of change-makers everywhere. Are you ready to claim your authentic being and share your gifts with the world? If so, I AM here to help.
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"Love isn’t an emotion, a behavior, or even the connection you feel with another person—it’s a supercharged, light-drenched, limitless vibrational field of infinite divine energy. It is the source energy of everything that is, and the very essence of your being. It is dynamic and alive. It is the most essential vibration, and the glue of the Universe. It’s everything you’ve been searching for."  ~ Barbara De Angelis

Explore and ignite the energetic force of LOVE in your life in an online community of people who care. Together we'll enjoy guided meditations, breakout groups and open discussions on what our hearts are feeling. More info here 

Coming together in a sacred community is more important than ever. Here we will create a supportive, sacred circle with others of like mind, heart and spirit.  Join us as we learn to speak our truths in a safe space, make new friends and share our love with the world. 

VisionKeeper Tenets

I hope you’ll join me or share this website with someone you think is ready to join the love and peace revolution.

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