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What is VisionKeeper?

"VisionKeeper" is a name that came to me many years ago in a meditation. I finally understand that it is my mission to keep the vision of a lighter, more peaceful world alive. 

Even in these tumultuous times, there is hope. My personal vision is a caring world where people are peaceful members of a society that is working towards healing itself on every level.


Each of us has a role to play and it's my intention to help you achieve a state of peace within so your light can shine brightly on everyone you touch. 

It is my hope that this website, along with the resources, products and courses that follow, will inspire you to walk a path of peace and love. I invite you to explore, try out some practices, and let me know how it's going for you. 

A Peaceful, Loving World Based in Oneness

To Uplift Our World One Heart at a Time

  • Are you seeking a more peaceful, loving lifestyle? 

  • Are you looking to connect with people who share similar values?

  • Are you ready to help heal the world by sharing the beauty you are inside? 

Then you have landed in the right space. 

It is my hope you'll join us in co-creating a new world by igniting the love that lives within us all and sharing that love with the world. This is how we create a more peaceful planet. 

How Can You Participate?


1) Join our "Just Be Love" Online Community Mentorship Program starting September 21, 2023 and running for 6 weeks. All you have to do is adhere to the "circle agreements", show up for our gatherings and share from your heart.  

2) Do Private Path of Peace Coaching with me to assist you in discovering the inner beauty that lies within you, and helping you to manifest it in the world. 

3) Enjoy the Resources presented on the website including guided meditations, articles, book reviews, upcoming conferences and more. (much more coming soon!)

4) Once you've completed the mentorship program "Just Be Love" you'll be  invited to Join our Online Community where we'll be able to get to know each other on a deeper level and share your gifts, resources, challenges and offerings with one another. 

I hope you'll join me on this heart-warming journey of light and love.

VisionKeeper Tenets

Empowering a Conscious World

Are you concerned about the nature of our current world? I Am.


In asking the question “How may I be of service to our world?” I’ve been consistently shown that there is but one path forward to improve the trajectory for a thriving humanity and that way is to “Shine Our Light.”


Our world is teetering on the edge. Which way it will fall is unknown. Yet, there is something we can all do to shift the equation. If you want to learn how you might become an ally in the creation of a more enlightened planet read on.


We each have a brilliant light energy within us and every light and love molecule emitted adds to the positive vibration of this planet. The empowered path forward is to ignite our own light, that flame within our own being so we can manifest a more beautiful, loving, caring community around us. Each of us matters. Each of us has the power to make a difference, to transcend the darkness out there, and to create a more peaceful world.


VisionKeeper is here to empower you along this journey of awakening. For it begins with the individual, as we learn to embody the love and light we are inside, we are able to transmit the energy of love which transforms everything it touches.


So how do we do this? In this age of outer disruption and chaos it’s more important than ever we learn to Live Life from the Inside Out. This means withdrawing our attention from the outer chaos and focusing on getting to know ourselves through inner work and play.


This website and the courses and products that will follow are meant to do just that: to give you insights, resources, and practices to help you unlock the beauty that lives within your heart.


I hope you’ll join me or share this website with someone you think is ready to join the love and peace revolution.

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